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Tips on Water Conservation from the Castro Valley Sprinkler Authority

sprinkler water coverageSprinkler systems are designed to provide adequate water coverage to your entire yard, but this does not mean that they have to waste water. In fact, the best sprinkler systems in Castro Valley CA are designed to conserve water. We encourage homeowners to keep water conservation in mind when using their sprinkler system by heeding the following tips: 

  • Use the sprinkler system early in the morning. This allows the grass and foliage to soak up the most water. Water used in the middle of the day evaporates quickly and isn't completely absorbed. Meanwhile, using the sprinklers in the evening doesn't allow for the water to evaporate at all, which can possibly lead to standing water issues. Try to pick a time when most of the sprinklers in your neighboorhood are off to maximize your water pressure.
  • Program your controller monthly to adjust for season changes. Using your sprinkler system less during rainy months help conserve water, while using it more during long, dry months, helps your plants to thrive. We can also install rain sensors to help automate the process.
  • Make sure other plants and design objects are not blocking the sprinkler heads from working correctly. A tall plant in front of a small one will block almost all of the water being sprayed, leaving the smaller plant to wither and die. If you are concerned this may be happening in our yard, our technicians are always willing to help you evaluate and respond.

To learn more ways to get the most out of your sprinkler system, call our Castro Valley sprinkler repair specialists today, or click here.


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